• The European Mars Analogue Research Station is a joint project of a number of European chapters of The Mars Society. The station will facilitate research on a "Mars-analogue" location on Earth for the benefit of future manned missions to the Red Planet. The aim of the design was to create a living and working environment that simulates the reality of a manned Mars mission as closely as possible.

    Images created by 3Develop, design developed in an international team of architects and space experts.

    Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape
    Public Spaces | Industry | Infrastructure Interior | Water | Space | Graphics

    Cartography | Infographics | Sections Photography | Black and white | Night Sketches | Paintifications | Stereo images Panoramas

    Dudok's Bijenkorf, Rotterdam
    Room for the River, Deventer
    Galecopper bridge, Utrecht
    Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik
    Streetplanetarium, Rotterdam
    Koninginneplein, Venlo
    Van Kregtentunnel, Wierden

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